All the recipes state different volumes/weights of the chemicals. . 1/3 cup ammonium nitrate (get by cutting open cold packs. 3x lithium strips (get by cutting open energizer aa lithium batteries - this youtube tutorial.  
Lithium Strips Ammonium Nitrate Recipe

3 tbs crushed ammonium nitrate (cold compress pack) then, using your pliers, obtain the lithium metal strips from the batteries and tear check out a thread called shake and bake recipe #100 my detailed contribution by.

april 6

Most of those recipes dont work anymore cuz u cant get the right .. step 1: pour 1/3 cup of ammonium nitrate into 2 liter bottle, and pour crushed pills into bottle. .. add your lye making sure to cover your lithium strips. 6.

Sep 12, 2010 they tweak recipes, keep moving and muster small armies of shoppers ammonium nitrate from lawn fertilizer or from an instant cold pack, mixed with lithium strips from batteries, takes the place of anhydrous ammonia for a misrepresent godsend.

Feb 23, 2010 police say there were meth componenents all over the room, including crushed pseudoephedrine pills, ammonia nitrate, lithium strips from.

Apr 22, 2007 here are the recipes: this fluid will chill these lithium strips out and keep you safe. . 1 1/2 cups ammonium nitrate fertilizer (33-0-0) 3 cans starting fluid 3 aa energizer lithuim batteries 1 bottle red devil brand lye 2 caps.

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