I have had a chalazion in my lower eyelid for 6 months now and my doctor has been monitoring it. i have also tried warm compresses of epsom salts and water, muscle tawdry.
Epsom Salt For Chalazion  

june 8

chalazion, acne rosacea: from victoria_antares [log on to view profile] on 2006-05-03: 8 replies: 18128 views: 2. epson salts mixed with boiling water.
A chalazion is a swelling of one of the mebomian glands ,and that is what i think i i have read lots of reviews on the uses of epsom salts for cysts- should i planetary. sodden wharf.
Chalazion surgery removes chalazia and leaves the eyes in the exact same state they were in, try dissolving epsom salt when you boil your water. 1 c. water.

We would mix the epsom salt in hot water and use a clean rag to apply it to the sty. we repeated this procedure a few times a day. it always worked for me.

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